Our Services

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Ocean Blue Pool and SpaWe Like to Focus on Three Things:

1) Customer Service

2) Pool Repairs

3) Pool and Spa Cleaning
Ocean Blue Pool & Spa also offers the following services:

Chemical Service (Filter, Chemicals Empty Pump and Skimmer Basket(s))

The Installation of Pool/Spa Handrails

Full Service ( Chemicals,Vacuum, Brush, Filter, Tile, Emptying the Pump and Skimmer Basket(s))
Equipment Repair and Replacement
Acrylic Deck
Landscaping and Lighting
Pool Light Replacement and Upgrades
Leak Detection
Swimming Pool Renovation
iStock_000010189861XSmallWeekly Pool Service
We use the best Eco friendly pool chemicals and materials on the market, while maintaining your water clarity and sanitation. We will remove debris from your pool, skim pool surface, vacuum pool bottom when necessary, and brush pool walls and tile. In addition we will maintain your filtration system and provide the best water clarity possible.

Chemical Service

 Some clients attempt to maintain their own pools; however, this should never be the norm. Let a trained professional monitor your water and all the containments that could harm you and your family. Most important, by having a professional treat your pool, it is more likely that your pool will keep its finish and equipment longer. Not to mention you and your families health. We will monitor your chemical levels and add the right amount to keep your pool smelling fresh and looking clear all year round. So never compromise on your pool or spa investment, it could be a costly gamble. Let the Pros manage what we do best! We are only a phone call away!! Call now ( 813)-516-9342